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Space Camps 2021-22

Back to it!

We were all thrilled to bits that we could restart our Shrub Street Space Camps once again this year. Covering a range of different topics and with different work shops in place, both staff and pupils have had a fantastic time.


Space Camp Dates:

Year 6 - 26th November 2021

Year 5 - 17th March 2022

Year 4 - 17th February 2022

Year 3 - 7th April 2022

Year 6

On 29th November, Year 6 had 'Space Camp'. We made constellation projectors by drawing the constellations on card and then poking out the holes. We wrote the names of the constellations and in which season you would find them (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter). After that we put torches underneath the constellations so we could see them projected on to the ceiling. 

By Skye

One of my favourite things was creating a soar system in our pockets. We made mini solar systems out of a strip of paperand some stickers, then if you forgot the name of a planet or where it is located, you can easly find out. We did this challenge with Miss Cowan.

By Naomi

After dinner, we did 'Astronaut Training'. There were 4 challenges for us to complete:

  • Languages - code breaking
  • Memory Challenge - remembering sequences
  • Tower Building - making the tallest freestanding tower out of paper and paperclips
  • Badge Making - designing a badge for our space team

There were 5 teams and the final scores were:

  • Space Raiders: 150
  • Space Agents : 80
  • AVSSJ : 64
  • ISK : 79
  • The Milky Ways : 180

By Benjamin

Year 4

On Thursday before half term (17.2.2022), we were so naughty that we had to stay another 6 hours at school doing Maths! Just joking!!! We actually had our first ever Space Camp!  

First, we watched a cool space film. After that, we learnt about satellites and hurricanes then some oil pastel art work. Before our yummy potatoes, we designed creative logos which were entered into a competition. After dinner, we did some stargazing whilst having hot chocolate! Finally, we went home after a fun day at Space Camp.  

Year 4 really enjoyed stargazing! 

By Faith and Vyshnavi 


Before half term, Year 4 did not go home! Instead, we stayed at school and we learned about satellites! We did some oil pastels paintings that showed how hot and cold the world is. Before we started Space Camp, we watched a Space Film called Farmageddon. We created logo designs for rockets that might be lauched into space! For dinner, we had Mr Wright’s delicious jacket potatoes. At 8:30mpm, we had hot chocolate and star gazed on the playground. We loved having a break time in the dark!  

By Isobel and Freddie 


Year 5

On Thursday 17th March, most of Year 5 attended Space Camp. Space Camp started straight after school. We got changed, made our way to the hall and took on Miss Cowan's 'Brainteasers'.

First up was the 'Emoji Challenge'. This was a quiz where we had to guess the space related thing by looking at the emojis, this was followed by some other games.

After this we did space crafts with Miss Yeldham and Miss Cowan, with some help from Miss Meade. We created some 'constellation cards' and a 'solar system in your pocket'.

The best part was after that. Dinner. We could eat a jacket potato with beans, cheese or tuna or some people brought in their own dinner. We had some flapjack for dessert.

 After dinner, we were put into groups to make a space badge for our team. We then did some astronaut training, there were a range of challenges. 

The first one involved us trying to make the tallest tower possible using paper and paperclips but with a twist, we couldn't talk to each other. If we did talk, we had to sit out for 15 seconds.

After this, we had hot chocolate and went outside to look at the stars. We used an app called 'Star Walk' and saw lots of constellations.

Year 3

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