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Year 4 Space Camp 2018/19

On Thursday 21st March we held our 3rd Space Camp of the year. 

Not only were there amazing workshops led by Miss Greet, Miss Cowan, Miss Meade and Miss Yeldham, but Year 4 were also in for a treat with a visit from a Planetarium and an 'out of this world' Rocket Workshop delivered by Space Camp Sam.

Our favourite part was making the craters on the reflective moons because it was messy and we love making creative things.  First we looked at photos of the moon and looked carefully at the size and shapes of the craters.  It was tricky in parts, but we were resilient. 

Arth and Charlie


I liked everything about Space Camp, but my favourite part was when we went stargazing outside, it was beautiful.  It was really useful to have the Ipads because the clouds were in the way of the stars, but the app helped us to still see the different stars and constellations. 



I loved making dinner because I love cooking and it was fun to make dinner for everyone. I learnt how to cut a melon.  Miss Cowan's crater workshop was also really cool.  I saw that the heavier the meteorite, the larger the crater and the speed also effects the size.



I really enjoyed the Planetarium visit. We looked at the planets nearest to us and I learned that the blue shade of colour on jupiter is actually the shadow of Jupiter's moons.  Also we saw galaxies.  Our nearest galaxy is the milky way but we travelled even further out than that and saw some nebulae.  The Planeatrium teachers said these were made out of hydrogen, I learned so much!


Everyone liked the Rocket Workshop because we could design our own rockets and test how high or how far they could go.  We watched a video from a REAL astronaut and learned about aerodynamics.  Did you know that the more 'pointy' the end of the rocket is, the easier it is for it to travel?  And the fins on a rocket help it to balance? Our rockets were made out of plastic bottles and the only fuel was water and air pressure, so we needed to think carefully about the design.

Ali, Aaryav, Marie & Mayank

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