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Year 5 Space Camp 2018/19


On Thursday 14th February 2019 (Valentine's Day!) we held our Year 5 Space Camp.

A fantastic evening of Science and discovery, awe and wonder and some delicious food.

Thank you to Miss Cowan and Miss Greet for leading the workshops and to Miss Swidryk and Mrs Brook for getting involved in all of the activities.

Find out what the children got up to by reading their comments.

Constellation Projector

After we had made dinner, we took part in two workshops. One was making a 'Solar System' and the other was making a 'Constellation Projector'.  Making the projector was my favourite, I found it really interesting.


Astronaut Training

My favourite part was astronaut training. There were different missions we had to complete. The first one was to translate into Russian, the second one was called 'Communication is Key', the third one we had to remember some shapes and numbers and then give the correct answers. It was hard work but I really enjoyed myself.



Communication is the Key

I really liked this activity, we had to choose a person from each team to build a model, using LEGO bricks. The rest of the team then chose another activity whilst the builder sat with their back to the rest of the team. 

After that the team had to explain to the builder which piece goes where, with the first to finish being crowned the winners. I found this really challenging because it was hard to know where to put each brick.

It was great fun.



Planning is Everything

I really enjoyed the astronaut training because Miss Greet and Miss Cowan organised a really fun activity called 'Planning is Everything'. In this activity we had to try and make the tallest tower out of paper and paperclips, it was extremely fun because we had to keep on persevering. It got a bit annoying because one time just as we had made it high enough, Parghat decided to make it even higher but it fell over. 

Despite this we had a great time and I hope we get to do it again.




Star Gazing

My favourite part was when we went star gazing. We looked at all of the different constellations in the sky and drank some delicious hot chocolate as were outside. It was great fun having to find different constellations on the iPad and focusing on the different shapes and sizes of the stars.


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