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Dementia Cafe Visits 2019

Every Wednesday we will be taking a group of pupils along to the weekly dementia cafe held at the Brunswick Hub. This is a great opportunity for the children to meet and interact with the adults who attend the sessions. They share a drink , a few biscuits and lots of stories. Sometimes there are also special events that the children can get involved in with the grown ups such as seated yoga and singing. 


On Wednesday the 30th January, eight Year 5 children set off to the 'Dementia Cafe' to connect with people with dementia and their carers and family. 

When we arrived we were offered a biscuit (or two) and then we sat down and began to talk. We found out lots about the people who were there, about their lives and what it was like when they were younger. 

We found it a really rewarding experience and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. 


This week's visit to the cafe was really exciting. There was a gentleman there from Leamington Brakes Football Club so there were lots of opportunities to talk football.

We met ex professional wrestle Tony 'Banger' Walsh who told us all about his career, his Rolls Royce and his friends at Coventry City. We even got to see a few photos. 

Libbi, Tabitha and Agnete had a long chat with one particular gentleman who spoke to them about how it felt to have dementia and how hard it was at first.

Libbi said "He really enjoyed being able to talk to us and it was really easy to share stories with him."

Tabitha recalled what happened when he first realised he had dementia "He couldn't work anymore because he kept forgetting things and he isn't able to drive anymore".

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